Monday, June 20, 2016

Firework 12 Match 28, "New Year's Edition" (12/28/15)

Area: Villa Union    Comp: Murillo

Dearest Everyone,

-Christmas happened! It was great. I slept through the fireworks which went on all night long (according to Elder Murillo, who couldn't sleep a bit). I called you guys! We opened gifts! We taught people! That's really all I could ask for.

-Nearly everyone we've visited this week has given us food, which means that I'm probably going to get home looking very much how I did when I left it.

-We had the Christmas dinner with President! First we watched a movie. Then I got a panetón (a Peruvian Christmas cake that's like 95% sugar). There was also a special choir made up of select missionaries here in Cusco. Elder Murillo was selected, and since I had to be there in the choir practice, I made myself Elder Pearce's official page turner as he played the piano. I did a great job.

-We have these special contacting cards that were Christmas based, which means that they're really no good now, and on Christmas Eve there were still a ton. We had an activity where we just gave them out on busses and in the street and everywhere, and I don't know if I've ever had more fun contacting.

Anyways, things are great here! Keep up the awesomeness! Talk to you next year!

Elder Steele

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