Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monkey 6 Coconut 13, "Psych" Edition (6/13/16)

Area: Quillabamba   Comp: Martin 

Dearest Everyone,

-I taught a man this week that was wearing only a towel with a toothbrush in his mouth! We knocked on his door, he opened it like that and let us in. We ended up talking to him for like half an hour, and he didn't put on any clothes at any point in that time. It went surprisingly well though! I was on divisions with the Zone Leaders, so he's in their sector, not mine. Good guy though!

-I held a toucan yesterday! It was surprisingly colorful. And it was fighting with the roosters, which was awesome!

-I've been here for 2 weeks and I still haven't met the Ward Mission Leader. He's totally active, it's just that if he does go to a meeting I coincidentally don't and vice versa. Oops!

-We have an investigator that did a psychological test on us to practice for his class or something. The immediate result he gave us was that I had a 'wonderful personality' and that Elder Martin was a 'chauvenistic, narcissistic pig', but upon more research gave us more specific results that cast Elder Martin in a much better light. Kaching!

-I went to church for the only time here in Quillabamba yesterday! Last week was elections (no church), next week there's a conference, and the next week I'll be in Cusco. It went well!

Anyways, things are good! Keep up the good work!

Elder Steele

Palm Tree 6, Coconut 6, "Week 1 of 4 in Quillabamba" Edition (6/6/16)

Area: Quillabamba   Comp: Martin 

Dearest Everyone,

-Quillabamba is great! It's not as jungle-y as I thought it would be, but that doesn't mean that it's not a cool place. It's really hot and it's humid and there's a lot of plants and it's actually wonderful.

-We live on the 6th floor, on the roof of our apartment building. It's actually really nice, because we have the whole floor to ourselves, more than half of which is a balcony. The only downside is that we have to go up 6 flights of stairs to get there.

-Elder Martin is great! He's from Draper, Utah, but he left for the mission from Mexico and his family currently lives in Chile. However, he definitely learned Spanish here on the mission, and he'll be up in Utah studying after he gets home.

-The Family History senior missionaries came to Quillabamba to teach about family history this week. I learned a ton! There's actually work to do! And for the first time in my life, I found a name!

-There were elections yesterday, so I didn't go to church and I'm not sure how strong the branch is. And next week, there's a district conference, so I'll actually only go to normal church here once probably.

-"My brethren, count it all joy when ye fall into divers temptations, knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience." James 1:2-3. Trials are blessings!

Thanks everyone! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

Tree 5, Vine 30, "Tarzan" Edition (5/30/16)

Area: Quillabamba    Comp: Martin 

Dearest everyone,

-Transfers were today! Well, actually yesterday. They called me
yesterday to let me know that I had a transfer! I left today at 10:00,
and I'm now currently sitting in Quillabamba. It's one of the two
zones that's in the jungle, and although it's 5:30 at night and the
sun's down, it's burning hot and I'm dying. I'm not ready for Arizona.

-My new companion is Elder Martin, from Utah! I actually met him when
he started. He has 2 transfers less than I do, and he's officially my
last companion. He's awesome though!

-We sat next to a hippie from Colorado on the way here, and he was
awesome! He told us all about drugs, and politics, and religion, and
science, and lots of interesting things!

-I did my District Activity this week. I gave them 1 hour and 5 soles
(about $1.60) to make something to save their egg from a 4 story drop.
Almost everyone did it!

Anyways, things are going great! See you soon!

Elder Steele

Cow 5, Steak 23, "Argentina" Edition (5/23/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Estigarribia

Dear everyone,

-Congratulations on the mission call Truman!! ARGENTINA! Everytime anyone in the mission talks about Argentina, they mention that it has potentially the best meat in the world, and they have (at least) weekly barbecues, so that'll be great!

-We had a zone meeting this Friday at Urubamba! Urubamba is a wonderful touristy sector in our zone, but it's an hour and a half away from here, so we had to wake up at 5:00 to get there on time and we're still recovering.

-We did another Zone Activity in Urubamba, which involved a blindfolded obstacle course, and Elder Estigarribia and I beat everyone by a long time. Kaching!

-We did some service for a racist woman, who just kept telling me that, being an American, I probably don't know how to sweep or cook or anything like that. I mean, I don't, but that's just a coincidence!

Anyways, things are great! Keep up the good work!

Elder Steele

Bow 5 Arrow 16, "Burger Heaven" Edition (5/16/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Estigarribia 

Dearest Everyone,

-We just got done having a barbecue (is it a barbecue when it's just burgers?) with the district. I now know perfectly how to describe the Celestial Kingdom to my investigators.

-I had a conversation yesterday at church with an elderly member, who finished the conversation saying "in the name of Jesus Christ, amen." So apparently the conversation was a prayer or something?

-We finally got the Sister's Area Book after about 6 weeks of waiting, and now we know who the people are that we 'urgently need to visit.' Also for some reason the Sisters gave a baptismal record to the family of the person baptized, so the church has no record of that member unless we go and get it (which is not a sure thing that we even can do).

-Friday the 13th! It was rainy for the first time in a long time, and Elder Estigarribia was sick, so it lived up to the hype.

Anyways, thanks for everything! Keep it up!

Elder Steele

Rose 5 Petal 9 (that's a 'Mother's Day' thing, right?), "Mother's Day" Edition (5/9/16)

Area: Union Villa    Comp: Estigarribia 

Dearest Everyone,

-HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY MOTHER! I knew you could do it! It was great to talk to you! I hope that you enjoyed Mother's day! Here, they gave the mothers decorated egg cartons, so that they could store their eggs more beautifully I suppose.

-I went on splits this week with Elder Orellana, who's from the city where our pension's husband served his mission. They had quite a conversation that I couldn't care less about, and I'm sure I'll do the exact same with my mission buddies after the mish!

-We did a District Activity this week where, to practice our English, we went to contact tourists in the plaza. It ended up being really hard though, because most of them had thick English accents and I barely understood them. It was fun though!

Well, I don't have much more to report. I mean, we had the skype call and everything just 2 days ago. But keep it up!

Elder Steele

Ant 5 Crumb 2, "The One With The Last Conference" (5/2/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Estigarribia 

Dearest Everyone,

-We had our last conference with President this week. Next transfer, he's going to interview everyone, then he's gone. It went well though! We did it outside in normal clothes by some ruins right outside of the city. We made the mistake of leaving our stuff and going into an adjourning field for a minute, and someone came and stole President and Sister Harbertson's bags. That was sad. But besides that, it was great!

-We got a reference from an investigator in Lima this week. He came to Cusco to visit his brother, who's recently been divorced, and took him to church to find us. The brother told us his story, and it's incredible--he was a hitman before meeting the missionaries, and after a very long repentance process, he's getting baptized this month in Lima.

-We had a 'kilo party', with the idea that everyone needed to bring one kilo of food to donate to the needy. Right before the party started, the Stake Presidency called and told him we can't do that because that's like charging to enter a church activity. So we had to erase the word 'kilo' from everything. It went well though!

-We took the stuff out of the Sisters' room, since there aren't any Sisters anymore, and now we have a lot more stuff!

Anyways, things are going well! Talk to you this week!

Elder Steele