Thursday, June 23, 2016

Handshake 2, Second 22, "Elder Holland" Edition (2/22/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Murillo

Dearest everyone,

-Elder Holland came! It was amazing. First, we all shook his hand. He told us to tell him our name and where we're from, but when we shook his hand and told him that he kept holding our hand and staring at us for a second. I kind of felt like he was examining my soul. Then he said to all of us, "I don't really care what your name is nor where your from, I just needed you to stay for a second so I could look into your eyes and give you a personal interview." Then he proceeded to say that most of us were ok, but that some people were struggling. President also wrote the whole mission today, and said that after the conference, Elder Holland told him (by name) who the disobedient missionaries were. Crazy!

-I went on splits three times this week! The first was with Elder Ramirez, and that was planned and normal. The next was with ELDER HOGAN, my child!, who was here without anything to do, then the next was with Elder Cubillas, who was also here with nothing to do. Fun times though!

-Spiritual thought: Elder Holland, (referring to people who lose family members despite prayers asking for them to live), said that God gives us what we want or something better, and that He's obligated to give us the best. That's not an exact quote, but if it seems like your prayer isn't answered, there's something better in store!

Anyways, basically all I've thought about for days is Elder Holland. So have a very Holland week!

Holland Holland,
Elder Steele

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