Thursday, June 23, 2016

Fight 1 Round 25, "The Most Very Interesting Week" (1/25/16)

Area: Union Villa  Comp: Murillo

Dearest Everyone,

-Transfers! Nothing. We're both staying! Which actually makes me really happy, since Elder Murillo is the bomb diggity and we've got some people really progressing.

-We had a worldwide missionary conference this week! It was great. It was called, "Teach repentance, baptize converts", and they said exactly what President Harbertson's told us for my last 18 months.

-We've received the special assignment to teach a one-hour class on the Book of Mormon at Cusco's first ever FSY (EFY, but I guess they changed the name). We're 2 of 8 missionaries in Cusco that are doing it, and we've got an awesome plan. To be continued!

-There's been some gossip about us and the Sisters in the ward (I don't even really know why they involved us, but we haven't done anything), and it escalated to the point of a fist fight between two adult women downstairs in the house where we lived.

-On a very related note, we spent the rest of the week looking for a new apartment!

Anyways, things are very interesting here in Cusco! Keep it up! Live your dreams!

Elder Steele

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