Thursday, June 23, 2016

Gift 3 Star Wars Relic 28, "The One Where My Father Nears Death (just a little more)" Edition (3/28/16)

Area: Union Villa  Comp: Estigarribia

Dearest family and potentially others,

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY ON THURSDAY TO DAD! I can't believe you're however old you are! I would count and figure out an exact number, but I think that no one wants to know your actual age. Well, it's been a good most-of-your-life, and now that you're nearing retirement, enjoy it.

-Easter! It went well! I bought chocolate to celebrate, but I didn't eat any of it. We did our fast from lunch Saturday until lunch Sunday, since this week is conference and the next is elections (and we don't have church). So the first thing I ate was lunch, which filled me up right until today. I'll try to see when I can squeeze in the chocolate.

-Another child got baptized, and the font hasn't been fixed, so it was also with cold water. Despite the fact that last week it was a girl who really didn't complain, this week it was a boy who almost didn't even get baptized. It was interesting though!

-I went on splits twice this week! Once with Elder Salazar, from Ecuador, and the other time with Elder Ramirez, from Utah. It went great! We didn't teach much either time, but with Elder Ramirez we contacted like crazy. Success!

Anyways, things are going great. Tomorrow we have interviews, and this weekend is General Conference! See you all soon!

Elder Steele

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