Thursday, June 23, 2016

Heart 2 Flag 15, "President's Day/Valentine's Day Spectacular" Edition (2/15/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Murillo

Dear Everyone,

-Carnavales! They didn't really celebrate Valentine's day yesterday, because they were too involved in Carnavales. It was fun though, and they did actually throw buckets of water at us.

-The new room continues to be great, except for the infestation of jumping mini-tarantulas.

-We succesfully set up bunk beds for the sister missionaries, and in the 3 nights that they've used them they haven't fallen down. I'm ready to be an adult!

-We had an investigator tell us that aliens are storing up the best humans, so that when Jesus comes and everyone dies they can restart the human race. That's a new one!

Anyways, things are great! Keep it up! This week Elder Holland's coming!

Elder Steele

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