Thursday, June 23, 2016

Monkey 6 Coconut 13, "Psych" Edition (6/13/16)

Area: Quillabamba   Comp: Martin 

Dearest Everyone,

-I taught a man this week that was wearing only a towel with a toothbrush in his mouth! We knocked on his door, he opened it like that and let us in. We ended up talking to him for like half an hour, and he didn't put on any clothes at any point in that time. It went surprisingly well though! I was on divisions with the Zone Leaders, so he's in their sector, not mine. Good guy though!

-I held a toucan yesterday! It was surprisingly colorful. And it was fighting with the roosters, which was awesome!

-I've been here for 2 weeks and I still haven't met the Ward Mission Leader. He's totally active, it's just that if he does go to a meeting I coincidentally don't and vice versa. Oops!

-We have an investigator that did a psychological test on us to practice for his class or something. The immediate result he gave us was that I had a 'wonderful personality' and that Elder Martin was a 'chauvenistic, narcissistic pig', but upon more research gave us more specific results that cast Elder Martin in a much better light. Kaching!

-I went to church for the only time here in Quillabamba yesterday! Last week was elections (no church), next week there's a conference, and the next week I'll be in Cusco. It went well!

Anyways, things are good! Keep up the good work!

Elder Steele

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