Monday, October 20, 2014

Book 10, Chapter 20, Edition There's Nothing Significant About Today 10.20.14

Area: Juliaca    Comp: Elder Ayo


-Confession time--I got the date wrong last week. I put it as September. D&C 64:10.

-Today's my birthday! So far that doesn't mean anything, but it's only 11:00 in the morning, and I'm going to get your package in like 3 weeks!

-We had a city-wide blackout yesterday, which was interesting. We didn't do a thing differently, it was just dark. But I showered before that happened, which was nice! My shower was still hot! The weirdest thing was church, since the microphone didn't work.

-Our shower head died for like 3 days, so we showered at member's homes, which is really uncomfortable. Elder Ayo and Elder Murillo fixed it, but they cut a lot of wires unneccessarily, and now it's being weird.

-I gave a talk in church yesterday! Which, let me just say, the last time we had church was Fast Sunday and 4 of the 7 testimonies borne were us 4 Elders, and the week before that Elder Stradling and Elder Murillo spoke, and the week before that they didn't have any speakers so they called the missionaries out of the audience to bear testimonies, and the week before that I was still in the CCM. This is a really weak ward. But my talk went well! It was boring, and half plagiarized, but my delivery was good! Especially considering the lack of a microphone! But we only have 50 members of our ward, so it's basically like talking to nobody.

-Spiritual thought! "Choices that aren't inherently evil are insidious when they distract us from our goals"-Quentin L Cook. Maybe it's not bad to play that video game or watch that movie or whatever, but if it distracts us from what's important (scriptures, prayer, church, etc) then just don't do it.

-More things that are ridiculous about Peru!
  -They start drinking at 9:00 am every day.
  -When you buy a 3 liter (they don't have 2 liters here) bottle of soda, it comes with one cup, which means it's not uncommon for me and Elder Ayo to have to share a cup with 4 or 5 Peruvians, which we hate
  -Sometimes cars drive on the wrong side of the road. Like, there's a median and everything, and they just don't care.

Anyways, things are going well here! We have two investigators that we're trying to have a double-baptism the 8th! Things are absolutely ridiculous down here, but really I'm used to it. There are things that I don't even think worth mentioning that you would find completely insane. Have a magical week!

Elder Steele
19-year-old missionary