Monday, October 13, 2014

9/13th General Session of Weekly Emails, General Conference Edition 10.13.14

Area: Juliaca    Comp.: Elder Ayo

Hey everyone!

I'm just going to start of with Conference because it was AWESOME. I'd compare it to the Super Bowl if I had ever had an interest in that kind of thing.

-I got to watch it in English, in the High Council room of my Stake Center with all the other Gringos in my zone. We had a "Gringo Party", which essentially means we brought an obscene amount of snack foods (with a focus on snack foods found in the States, como Doritos and Lays and sodas)

-Because we were in the High Council room, we had a table, which was nice because I took a full 26 NOTEBOOK PAGES OF NOTES! Which, depending on how well you know me, you may know that I've never taken notes in my life.

-From what I can remember off the top of my head, there were 2 talks each about the sacrament, raising your kids, prophets, personal revelation, and helping the poor. Those things must be really important right now guys! Get to it!

-I think my spiritual thoughts for a long time are going to be from conference, so be prepared for that. The first one I want to use is from Elder Holland, talking about doing everything you can to help the poor-- "Do everything you can [to help the poor]-nothing we do is but a drop in the ocean, but had we not done it, the ocean would be one drop less." Do service people! Pay fast offerings!

-We moved this week! I'm still not sure why! The new place is 'bigger', but one thing that Peruvians do is they don't finish the building so they don't have to pay taxes on it, so our third story doesn't have a roof. So we don't use it. Also the bathroom is infinitely worse. But the Zone Leaders finally gave Elder Ayo and I beds and desks! So now we're not sleeping and studying on the floor!

-I got bit by 2 dogs this week! Neither broke the skin (don't worry Mom), but they probably would have if I wasn't wearing the gigantic jacket I brought with me. The first dog was big, so I just kind of got out of there, but the second was a little dog and I was already mad so when it bit me I basically threw it and freaked out at it. Oddly satisfying.

-I went on splits with my DL this week! His name's Elder Wagner, and he's awesome. And he really likes to jump things, and there was a drunk passed out on the sidewalk, so we jumped him twice! And the two jumps were hours apart. He was passed out there all day, as far as I could tell.

Anyways, I think that's all I'm going to mention this week! The mission's awesome! Make sure to help your missionaries! Give them references! Feed them (if they want to be fed)! Have a wonderful week!

Elder Steele