Sunday, May 10, 2015

Episode 5, Hour 4, "Tomorrow's 5 de Mayo" Edition 5.4.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Hogan

Hello everybody,

-Elder Castillo went to Cusco this week to do papers, which means we were in a trio again. Elder Estigarribia tried to learn English from Elder Hogan and I, and he can now say, "I hungry so hard", which shows how great we are at teaching English.

-We went to Desaguadero, a little city a half an hour away. It's supposedly part of our sector, but we've never been. While we were there, the combi's to Yunguyo decided to go on strike, meaning that we didn't get back to Yunguyo for a very long time. Fun day though!

-We get money on the 1st, and Elder Estigarribia is potentially the most irresponsable person, money-wise, that I've ever met. He started off the 1st by getting money, and buying pizza for all of us. He's already out of money.

-The whole zone came to Yunguyo for an activity in the plaza we had, and within 10 minutes of the 1 hour we had with them, it started hailing like crazy. So that was fun and not at all painful!

-We went to visit a lady in our branch who has no money and has 5 of her kids living with her on Wednesday. She told us that she was getting kicked out of her house on Thursday, hadn't even looked for a new house, and had no intentions to do anything for her 5 kids. That was also fun.

-A lady in Puno offered to sell her 7th child to one of our investigators this week, since she said she "has no money and doesn't even want the first 6". Crazy Peru.

Anyways, things are good here! We're working hard, and we've been doing lots of successful missionary things! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

Paragraph 4 Word 27, "Super Conference Weekend" Edition 4.27.15

Area: Yunguyo     Comp: Elder Hogan

Hello everybody!

-We had 3 days of conferences this weekend, which were awesome! The first was all day Friday, and it was a missionary conference with 74 missionaries in it. To finish off, they said, "Now we're going to have a testimony meeting. We have a little bit less time left than we wanted, so please keep your testimony no longer than one minute. The next two hours are yours." 2 hours for a testimony meeting of 74 people?! Awesome! Which we definitely filled up that testimony meeting! Saturday and Sunday were a district conference, which is like a stake conference but for districts. Since districts don't have keys, the one with keys had to be there, which was Presidente Harbertson and his wife. What a great weekend.

-A couple senior missionaries also came to the conference Sunday. After the conference, there was a 'pot luck' lunch, where people put blankets on the ground and just poured potatoes, chicken, and fish onto. One senior missionary commented to me, "The folks back at home will never believe this!" I hadn't even thought twice about this, which means that I've accustomed to Peru very much and that's probably why this email seems to get shorter (and less interesting) every week.

-The pension's son finished his mission this week, and I haven't eaten such good food since I left. She just keeps making everything that he likes all the time, and it's fantastic!

-It was the birthday of a member, so her husband made basically the whole branch ceviche de pollo for lunch, which might just be the most delicious thing in the entire universe.

Anyways, things are good here! My companion keeps pointing out 'ridiculous' things to me. I find none of them ridiculous. I might have a hard time adjusting when I get back. Have a great week!

Elder Steele

Movie 4 Chapter 20, "Happy Half-Birthday Logan!" 4.20.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Hogan

Dear Everyone,

-Happy Half-Birthday to Logan (and me)! Doesn't time go by fast? Before you know it it'll be our 3/4 Birthday!

-We divided Yunguyo in half this week, and we ended up with the half on which no one had investigators. That means that now we have no investigators, and we've been contacting all week. My favorite!

-I was sick yesterday and listened to all 10 hours of this past General Conference, in English. What an amazing conference!

-Yunguyo has decided that it's finally going to live it's dream of being the coldest place on earth, which is fantastic. In other unrelated news, I've loaded up on winter clothes and I can't put my arms down.

-The Branch President's wife is a cake maker for a living, and occasionally shows us how to make cakes. This week's edition? She called it 'frozen cake', and it's a cake that's half jello and has to be frozen for 2 hours before eating it. Who's idea was that?!

-I have once again been blessed by my affinity for Disney, after not watching Toy Story 3 during a Toy Story 3 activity, then teaching an extensive lesson on it in Spanish, quoting parts of the movie. Success!

Anyways, this has been an interesting week! We're working hard, and doing lots of great things! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Steele

Month 4 Day 13, "I'm a Father" Edition 4.13.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Hogan

Hello everybody!

-I have my son! His name is Elder Hogan, from Logan, Utah. He's awesome! His Spanish isn't bad, he's super nice, and more than anything he's super ready to learn. I'm already a proud father.

-I spent essentially half the week in Cusco, which was just the greatest. Cusco, as it turns out, is a fantastic city. Of the 6 Elders that are training, 4 of us are from the same group, so we were together the entire time. There were also 4 more from my group just around. It was a party. A lot of the week was spent just sitting in chairs and telling mission stories. Can you believe that? We already have mission stories! I feel so grown up!

-One of the first things we did when we got back was paint these tiny chalk toy cars blue for hours. That's the kind of service we do here--Welcome to the mission Elder Hogan!

-Yesterday, the Plaza de Armas was fuller than I've ever seen it, and every one of those people had a crate of beer. I've never seen so many drunks at one time in my life, and I've been in this part of Peru for like 7 months. Welcome to the mission Elder Hogan!

-As part of the 'picking up your trainee' process, we go contacting in Cusco's Plaza de Armas, which was exclusively filled with European tourists who neither spoke English nor Spanish, so that was a blast.

Anyways, a lot happened this week, but it can all be summed up in 'I went to Cusco this week', so sorry for the shortness of this letter. Everything's great! We're doing great things! The work's progressing! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

4/6th Session of General Emails-- Birthday-Transfer-Pday-Real Christmas-General Conference-Easter-Master Jedi Edition 4.6.15

Area: Yunguyo     Comp: Elder Hogan

Dearest Everybody,

-First thing's first! TRANSFERS! I'm staying in Yunguyo, but Elder Salas is going to Cusco. That's kind of strange, since I have more time here than he does. Almost never happens. The reason that this is happening is because I'M TRAINING! I'm going to have my own Padawan! Which means I'm a Jedi Master! I don't know who it is yet. I'll meet him this Wednesday, and on Thursday night I'll be back in Yunguyo. I'll let you know in a week!

-Remember the 5 things necessary to become a real missionary? I think I mentioned them a long time ago. Anyways, I finished the fifth last week! As soon as I did, I said, "I'm officially a Jedi Master!" I think that's why I'm training.

-General Conference! I watched it in Spanish, which worked out much better than I thought. I understood it all. I now believe that it's just better to hear the talks in the speaker's own voice, which means that I really enjoyed the 3 talks in Spanish.

-Merry Real Christmas! Maybe we don't celebrate April 6th nearly as much as December 25th, but we should still remember it. It's another day to remember our Savior, who gave everything for us. Try to give him a present of obedience today.

-The Easter tradition here doesn't include Easter Eggs, so after describing them to my pension (who is also the first counselor in the Primary), she loved the idea and decided that we should do them for a Primary activity last Wednesday. They only had brown eggs and red food coloring, but it still turned out much better than expected and the kids love it. Success!

Anyways, I'll be spending a good amount of time this week in Cusco! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

Chapter 3 Verse 30- "Post-Birthday Pre-Transfer PDay" Edition 3.30.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Salas

Hello everybody!

-There was a meeting for all the Branch Presidents and District
Presidents in the whole mission in Cusco this Saturday, which means us
four missionaries were the leadership of the ward (again). We had to
set up the General Women's Session of Conference, watch it, then
un-set it up. Maybe the session wasn't directed towards us, but I'm
not complaining about watching more conference!

-As a missionary, my focus should be the investigators, which means
there's a new rule that I have to watch conference with them. That
means that I have to watch conference in Spanish, so that'll be fun.

-One lady asked us to do some service for her, which involved removing
everything from a big storage room, mopping the floor with straight
gasoline (I'm still not sure why), then turn that big, gasoline-d
empty room into a gym. That basically means moving things that were
created with the purpose of being heavy.

-We played charades in an activity we had, and I chose the words. I
chose words like "honesty" and "gratitude", which are essentially
impossible to act out, then I gave them 30 seconds to act it out. I
was very happy with that.

-We went to the country to visit one very elderly, widowed member, who
was so happy to see us that she gave us 30 pounds of potatoes. I don't
think I'll ever be able to eat another potato.

-I measured my entire apartment, and it came out to 12 feet by 14
feet. That includes our beds, desks, dresser, a rack for clothes, and
our bathroom. Living the dream!

-2 Ne 26:28-"Behold, hath the Lord commanded any that they should not
partake of his goodness? Behold I say unto you, Nay; but all men are
privileged the one like unto the other, and none are forbidden."

Anyways, not a bad week! This is the last week of the transfer, and
Conference is this weekend! Watch it! Have a great week!

Elder Steele