Sunday, May 10, 2015

Episode 5, Hour 4, "Tomorrow's 5 de Mayo" Edition 5.4.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Hogan

Hello everybody,

-Elder Castillo went to Cusco this week to do papers, which means we were in a trio again. Elder Estigarribia tried to learn English from Elder Hogan and I, and he can now say, "I hungry so hard", which shows how great we are at teaching English.

-We went to Desaguadero, a little city a half an hour away. It's supposedly part of our sector, but we've never been. While we were there, the combi's to Yunguyo decided to go on strike, meaning that we didn't get back to Yunguyo for a very long time. Fun day though!

-We get money on the 1st, and Elder Estigarribia is potentially the most irresponsable person, money-wise, that I've ever met. He started off the 1st by getting money, and buying pizza for all of us. He's already out of money.

-The whole zone came to Yunguyo for an activity in the plaza we had, and within 10 minutes of the 1 hour we had with them, it started hailing like crazy. So that was fun and not at all painful!

-We went to visit a lady in our branch who has no money and has 5 of her kids living with her on Wednesday. She told us that she was getting kicked out of her house on Thursday, hadn't even looked for a new house, and had no intentions to do anything for her 5 kids. That was also fun.

-A lady in Puno offered to sell her 7th child to one of our investigators this week, since she said she "has no money and doesn't even want the first 6". Crazy Peru.

Anyways, things are good here! We're working hard, and we've been doing lots of successful missionary things! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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