Sunday, May 10, 2015

Movie 4 Chapter 20, "Happy Half-Birthday Logan!" 4.20.15

Area: Yunguyo    Comp: Elder Hogan

Dear Everyone,

-Happy Half-Birthday to Logan (and me)! Doesn't time go by fast? Before you know it it'll be our 3/4 Birthday!

-We divided Yunguyo in half this week, and we ended up with the half on which no one had investigators. That means that now we have no investigators, and we've been contacting all week. My favorite!

-I was sick yesterday and listened to all 10 hours of this past General Conference, in English. What an amazing conference!

-Yunguyo has decided that it's finally going to live it's dream of being the coldest place on earth, which is fantastic. In other unrelated news, I've loaded up on winter clothes and I can't put my arms down.

-The Branch President's wife is a cake maker for a living, and occasionally shows us how to make cakes. This week's edition? She called it 'frozen cake', and it's a cake that's half jello and has to be frozen for 2 hours before eating it. Who's idea was that?!

-I have once again been blessed by my affinity for Disney, after not watching Toy Story 3 during a Toy Story 3 activity, then teaching an extensive lesson on it in Spanish, quoting parts of the movie. Success!

Anyways, this has been an interesting week! We're working hard, and doing lots of great things! Have a fantastic week!

Elder Steele

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