Thursday, June 23, 2016

Day 29 Month 2, 'Leap Day' Edition (2/29/16)

Area: Union Villa  Comp: Murillo 

Dearest Everyone,

-Happy leap day! I hope you all are celebrating your hearts out, and that Leap Day William brought you all that you could ever wish for!

-For the first time in our two transfers together, we had to take a sick day. And guess who was sick? ELDER MURILLO. Can you believe how healthy I am?

-We had stake conference this weekend! That makes 2 conferences in a row! It went well though.

-We had a zone meeting in the middle of the week, and we had to do weekly planning there so that the zone leaders could see how we were doing. They didn't even come to start checking anyone until most of us had finished though, so we won!

Anyways, not an eventful week. Sorry! Enjoy your leap day!

Elder Steele

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