Thursday, June 23, 2016

Session 4, Speaker 4, "General Conference" Edition (4/4/16)

Area: Union Villa    Comp: Estigarribia

Dearest Everyone,

-GENERAL CONFERENCE! Wasn't it awesome?! I learned that I need to be less prideful and I need to get married immediately after arriving home, so get ready for that!

-We watched it in English! Here in Cusco they actually put it on in English and there aren't any problems. And we met a lot of tourists! We met two from Idaho, one from California, one from Germany and one from Ukraine. There were a couple more, but they just left without talking to us.

-I also saw a lot of my friends! I don't know if you remember Elder Graham and Elder Pearce, but they're awesome and I spent a lot of time with them this weekend, which was awesome.

-We also had interviews with President Harbertson! We usually have them every other transfer, but this was the last time I'll have one. I have 2 left-1 for a new temple recommend, and another to go home.

Anyways, things are going well! I hope you all saw conference! Keep it up!

Elder Steele

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