Thursday, June 23, 2016

February 1, "February Fools' Day" (2/1/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Murillo

Dear everyone,

-We taught a class at FSY (EFY) this week! It went well! We had half an hour to convince 100 kids between the ages of 14 and 15 to read the Book of Mormon. We had them translate a scripture from Reformed Egyptian to Spanish, and it went great!

-A member asked us to wash her windows as a service project. We went, and it turns out that her windows weren't just dirty, but were covered in dry cement. That was fun!

-Our pension got back from her vacation, during which we ate a gigantic lasagna that she left for us. After 5 days of lasagna 3 times a day, I'm ready for college!

-We now live with the Zone Leaders! We live kind of far from the sector, but there's 6 of us living together, which is actually really fun!

Anyways, things are going well! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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