Thursday, June 23, 2016

Ant 5 Crumb 2, "The One With The Last Conference" (5/2/16)

Area: Union Villa   Comp: Estigarribia 

Dearest Everyone,

-We had our last conference with President this week. Next transfer, he's going to interview everyone, then he's gone. It went well though! We did it outside in normal clothes by some ruins right outside of the city. We made the mistake of leaving our stuff and going into an adjourning field for a minute, and someone came and stole President and Sister Harbertson's bags. That was sad. But besides that, it was great!

-We got a reference from an investigator in Lima this week. He came to Cusco to visit his brother, who's recently been divorced, and took him to church to find us. The brother told us his story, and it's incredible--he was a hitman before meeting the missionaries, and after a very long repentance process, he's getting baptized this month in Lima.

-We had a 'kilo party', with the idea that everyone needed to bring one kilo of food to donate to the needy. Right before the party started, the Stake Presidency called and told him we can't do that because that's like charging to enter a church activity. So we had to erase the word 'kilo' from everything. It went well though!

-We took the stuff out of the Sisters' room, since there aren't any Sisters anymore, and now we have a lot more stuff!

Anyways, things are going well! Talk to you this week!

Elder Steele

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