Thursday, June 23, 2016

Tree 5, Vine 30, "Tarzan" Edition (5/30/16)

Area: Quillabamba    Comp: Martin 

Dearest everyone,

-Transfers were today! Well, actually yesterday. They called me
yesterday to let me know that I had a transfer! I left today at 10:00,
and I'm now currently sitting in Quillabamba. It's one of the two
zones that's in the jungle, and although it's 5:30 at night and the
sun's down, it's burning hot and I'm dying. I'm not ready for Arizona.

-My new companion is Elder Martin, from Utah! I actually met him when
he started. He has 2 transfers less than I do, and he's officially my
last companion. He's awesome though!

-We sat next to a hippie from Colorado on the way here, and he was
awesome! He told us all about drugs, and politics, and religion, and
science, and lots of interesting things!

-I did my District Activity this week. I gave them 1 hour and 5 soles
(about $1.60) to make something to save their egg from a 4 story drop.
Almost everyone did it!

Anyways, things are going great! See you soon!

Elder Steele

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