Monday, June 20, 2016

Race 7 Lane 13, "The One with More Drunks (like always)" (7/13/15)

Area: Sicuani    Comp: Cedeno

Hello everybody,

-We did service! We thought that we were going to build a floor for someone, but they told us to show up at 10:00 and when we did they had already finished that They then gave us the job of moving a pile of dirt from one location to another, 20 feet away. That proved to be a ton of fun.

-I gave a talk yesterday, but they didn't assign a topic so I just read a talk that I gave in Yunguyo. It was wonderful.

-We also had the musical number yesterday, but I've got a cold and can barely talk, so my singing voice sounded fantastic.

-A drunk wandered into the capilla and, in the words of Hermana Holland, was 'creeping' on the Hermanas. They called me and told me that he was trying to get them and they were trapped in the Primary room. When I got there, he was surprisingly creepy, but he just wanted to learn English from them. I still broke my own personal best time and got him outside the capilla in under 30 seconds.

-My pension does all that she can to make American food. This week, that included lasagna and pancakes, making this the best pension in the world.

Anyways, I'm not sure what else happened this week! We did lots of work, and accomplished lots of things! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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