Monday, June 20, 2016

Sleigh 12 Reindeer 21, "Christmas Edition" (12/21/15)

Area: Villa Union     Comp: Murillo

Dearest Elf Friends,

-Merry Christmas! I hope it's wonderful! Enjoy your week, be full of Christmas cheer, and don't forget Jesus Christ in your celebrations!

-My new sector is great. It's got a super super strong ward (a couple of weeks ago 187 people came to church!) with leaders and everything. The only thing is that it rains every single days, and we have hills with dirt trails, which means mud. I sink into the mud every day, but it's great.

-My new companion is great. We already knew each other, and we're great friends, and he works super hard. Do you remember Elder Black? Elder Black was also with him, and he says that Elder Murillo was is favorite companion. He's a great guy!

-My new pension is great. She's a chef, for starters. Also, they're rich, and they not only give us a lot of food, but also she buys barbecue sauce and ice cream for us. Can you believe that?!

-Elder Murillo speaks English, so he's in the choir of Cusco missionaries that is going to sing in English on Wednesday in the Christmas dinner. I really like going to their practices, since all of my friends are there.

Anyways, things are amazing here! We're working really hard, and I've never been so tired in my life! Have a Merry Christmas!

Elder Steele

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