Monday, June 20, 2016

10/5th General Session of Weekly Emails (10/5/15)

Area: Sicuani  Comp: Morales

My Dear Brothers and Sisters,

-Conference! I did not get to watch much, since the powers of the devil combined against us to keep us from watching it in English. We spent most of the time waiting for it to buffer, and really we didn't get anything out of it. We eventually gave in and watched what was left in Spanish, which was not nearly as good. I'll download the audio and listen to it in English this week though! Don't worry!

-Espinar (a little part of Zona Sicuani that's two hours away) couldn't watch Conference in their city, so they came to Sicuani and are staying with us. We've had an 8 Elder Sleepover since Friday! Party!

-We were in a trio for one day with Elder Vásquez. Our sector is on one side of Sicuani, and his on the other, and we had to combine the appointments. We walked a lot this week!

-We had our first meeting with the Ward Mission Leader! He says that not only does he want to help with the work, he also wants to take us to the secret, awesome parts of Sicuani on PDay. Awesome!

Anyways, not much to report! Thanks for being awesome! Learn great things! Apply Conference! Ponderize!

Elder Steele

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