Monday, June 20, 2016

Game 8, 10th Half, "Transfer/P-Day Edition" (8/10/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Cedeno

Hello everybody!

-Transfers! I don't have a transfer, and neither does my companion. Don't worry! Nothing's changing!

-Our Ward Mission Leader told us that he no longer intends to fulfill his calling, meaning that this is my 3rd sector without a Ward Mission Leader. Yay!

-We had a meeting of the missionaries in Sicuani with the Stake President, where he basically just thanked us because we're the best (not that I mean anything by that).

-There was a talent show on Friday, and two of the Sisters dressed up in super traditional clothes and sung a song not even related to Peru. They did a good job, but after I asked about the clothes and they said that they just take any reason to dress like that.

I'm not really sure what else to say. It's been a boring week, but those are some of the best! Hopefully I'll have better stories next week! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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