Monday, June 20, 2016

Route 7 Campsite 6, "The One Where Things Start to Happen Again" Edition (7/6/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Cedeno

Hello everyone!

-HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Elder Pearce and I woke up early and put on the national anthem and sung our lungs out. That was the only thing we actually did though.

-We live with the Zone Leaders! Which is a lot of fun and actually really convenient. And Elder Pearce (from my group, don't know how often I've mentioned him) got his transfer from Juliaca to here in Sicuani as the Zone leader!

-Elder Pearce and I arrived here on Thursday afternoon, and he had another transfer and yesterday he left and is in Puno. Elder Graham (from Canada) is now living with us as the Zone Leader.

-We live with our pension, who makes us 3 meals a day and makes some of the most delicious food I've had in a year. Score!

-I got to spend a couple days in Cusco! It was great. I spent time with a ton of my friends from my group, we went to the only Papa John's in the mission (and I ate a very big pizza by myself), we had trainings with President, and THEY GAVE US CELLPHONES! We were the only misson in Peru without cellphones, and I guess we still don't have cellphones for everyone, but I have one!

-Besides the Zone Leaders, and the missionaries around me are sisters, which is weird because the zone I've been in since December is an all-Elder zone.

-Elder Buehner (he has one transfer less than I do and we started in the same sector in Juliaca and lived together and everything) fell really far and broke his back. He'll be fine, but he's already had surgery and been sent home. He'll be in bed for months, and he potentially will be allowed to come back in December, so that's super sad.

-President Packer also died, so that's sad.

-A lady that none of the four of us has ever met died, and they asked us four Elders (my companion and I, and Elder Pearce with his companion) to be the pallbearers. We did that, and the plan was that I would dedicate the grave until the Stake Patriarch showed up and he did it.

Anyways, life's interesting here! It's back to being crazy every day and I love it. And we're working hard! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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