Monday, June 20, 2016

Gallery 9, Piece 7, "Dog Week" (9/7/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Cedeno

Dearest Everyone,

-I went on divisions with Elder Graham this week! It was a lot of fun! We actually got a lot of work done too. The highlight of that day was definitely when a dog decided to attack me. It didn't bite, it tackled me, but it was equally terrifying.

-On Saturday, Elder Cedeno and I were waiting outside of a member's house when three dogs decided to attack us. Luckily Elder Cedeno has a stick that supports his camera and makes it easier to take selfies, and he fought them off with that. 0 bites!

-Yesterday, we went to visit an elderly lady and her two adult investigator sons. They live on a very steep hill, with only one path up, and a terrifying dog blocking the path. It also tried to bite us, but a nice man living there fended it off with his backpack.

-We gave blessings nearly every day this week, making this week not only "Dog Week" but also "Blessing Week."

-I finally tailored my pants, and I no longer look like Jared the Subway Miracle. It's actually kind of nice to have tight pants!

-We had a bonfire with all the Elders in the Zone last night, where we ate about 80 hotdogs among 12 of us. It was amazing.

Anyways, it's been a good week! Keep doing good things! Don't die!

Elder Steele

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