Monday, June 20, 2016

Flashlight 11 Battery 16, "I'm sorry but this is a boring one" edition (11/16/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Morales

Dearest everyone,

-An Elder here (I won't mention any names, but I've never mentioned his name, so it doesn't really matter) needed a tooth taken out, so he bought the tools and anesthesia to take it out himself. We were pretty sure that he was going to do it and die, but eventually his district leader convinced him not to. It turns out he didn't even need it out!

-Two kids got baptized in another ward, and the whole zone came. I don't even know why. I went because I knew them and they asked me to speak at their baptism, and the missionaries from the ward needed to be there, but that left us with 12 uninvited missionaries. Success!

-Christmas is in a month basically. I've already made all the necessary adjustments to be in the 'Christmas Spirit', which includes putting my felt Christmas tree on a nail on the wall, eating Peruvian Christmas Bread (Panetonne), and listening to straight Christmas music. My companion absolutely loves it.

Anyways, this was a fairly uneventful week! I'll try better next time!

Elder Steele

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