Monday, June 20, 2016

Cake 10 Candle 19, "Logan's Birthday Edition" (10/19/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Morales

Dear everyone,

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOGAN!!!! Time goes by so fast! It seems like just last week we celebrated your birthday!

-I went on splits with Elder Sanchez! It was awesome. He just says whatever he wants to. He always forgets people's names, and then he'll just randomly guess a name. It's always wrong and hilarious. We also got a ton of contacts with him!

-Elder Morales is in Machu Picchu, and he's getting back tomorrow, so I'm in a trio with the Zone Leaders! Awesome!

-We had a movie activity, and we weren't allowed to watch the movie, but we were outside handing out popcorn and I think I ate my weight in popcorn.

-There was no electricity in the city yesterday, which means that the talk I gave was heard by almost no one.

-Mike left!

Anyways, thanks for being awesome! Do good things! Eat cake!

Elder Steele

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