Monday, June 20, 2016

Book 6 Episode 29, "Birthday-Transfer-PDay Again" Edition (6/29/15)

Area: Sicuani   Comp: Cedeno

Hello everyone!

-HAPPY BIRTHDAY (yesterday) to Lincoln! He's growing up so fast. I remember back when he still had braces!

-Transfers! I'm going to Sicuani, which is just outside Cusco. It's much more green than here, but it's still on the cold half of the mission. I'm excited though! My new companion's name is Elder Cedeño. It's not the same one that was here with me in Yunguyo, it's a different one from Elder Hogan's group. Exciting though!

-Today there's a holiday in Peru where they celebrate some idol, which means there's no school or work today. Obviously they spent all day yesterday drinking, which made yesterday super successful.

-President Uchtdorf had a fireside with all the members and missionaries living within the mission on Monday! It was great. He and his wife were a little out of it because of the air, but it was still amazing. His advice to the mission was "Keep the commandments and trust the Lord."

Not much else happened! But don't worry--Next week I'll have LOTS of things to say! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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