Sunday, March 22, 2015

Month 3 Day 16 3.16.15

Area: Yunguyo   Comp: Elder Salas

Hello Everybody,

To be perfectly honest I thought nothing about what I'm going to write this week, so we'll see how this goes.

-The Punishment continues, with chuno now almost every other day. I'm getting used to it, but that's like saying that I'm getting used to getting slapped in the face every 5 seconds. It's never going to be a pleasant experience.

-We had a Video Night, where we watched Finding Nemo. We're not allowed to watch that, and miraculously I had the self-control to read my scriptures the entire time, and I remembered enough from all the times I'd seen it before the mission to teach a lesson based on it to the people who'd come. Success!

-We taught Book of Mormon to someone who had a ridiculous amount of doubts. We just told him to read it. When we came back, he'd read more than the assignment that we'd given him and he wants to be baptized. Success!

-We celebrated the birthday of Leonor, a 65ish year old less active. She served us a plate of chuno. She was ecstatic that we'd come though, and just to see her that happy made it worth it.

-Yesterday there was a very big branch lunch activity, where they had a ton of very delicious food. The pension told us that our food was in the house, and that we had to eat there (although she stayed). They'd made us chuno.

Anyways, interesting week! It was surprisingly successful. Also I didn't have to give a talk yesterday! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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