Sunday, March 22, 2015

Game 3 Quarter 2 -- "Happy March!" Edition 3.2.15

Area: Yunguyo   Comp: Elder Salas

Dear Everybody,

-It's March, which means I've succesfully survived Carnavales without
getting water-ballooned once. According to the other Elders, that's
because Yunguyo is horrible at Carnavales.

-Cambios! I stayed here with Elder Salas, but Elder Cedeño left. He's
now the Zone Leader in Puerto, and his replacement is another
Ecuadorian named Elder Castillo.

-We taught a less active named Elder. He's actually a convert, his
parents named him Elder because the missionaries always bought food in
their store about 20 years ago, and they liked the name. I'm also not
actually sure why he went inactive.

-I ate liver! It wasn't as horribly gross as I thought, but it doesn't
taste good. But the pension told me that, since I ate it, the next
time we have pizza (we've never had pizza) she'd give me double pizza.
I don't want to get my hopes up, but if that actually works out that'd
be amazing.

-Last Monday the District President invited us to eat ceviche de pollo
in his house for lunch, then right after we went to the pension and
she made us tacos, which I ate 6 of. I don't think I've ever been so

-There's this weird influx of people from Argentina here in Yunguyo.
They're kind of awesome, because they're hippies and they make
fantastic pizza.

-There's this old member that comes to church every week, but he's
very old, lives half an hour away, and is almost completely deaf. He
said the closing prayer in Elder's Quorum yesterday, and he said,
"Please give me a calling! I want one so bad, but they won't call be
because I'm deaf!" That was absolutely hilarious, to start, but he's
now the official preparer of the sacrament.

Anyways, it's been an OK week! We've been keeping busy! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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