Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Playlist 2, Song 2, "That One Where It Rained Every Day" Edition 2.2.15

Area: Yunguyo  Comp: Elder Salas

Dear Everybody,

-It rained all week this week, with the exception of 2 hours this Saturday, which corresponded exactly with a baptism on the beach. Miracles!

-I had my 6 months this week! I decided to treat it like my birthday, because, why not? I'm an adult, I can eat cake for dinner! It was great. Everyone sang, "Happy 6 Months", which is a variation of Happy Birthday. I blew out a candle. We had a chocolate cake with Coke for dinner. Everything I could have ever wanted! I didn't burn a tie though, because I kind of like all my ties. So there you go.

-We taught the lady that had the hugely heavy bags! She told us she was afraid of praying in public, so we just disregarded that and asked her to say the closing prayer. She said the most emotional prayer I've ever heard, then told us that we'd helped her overcome her fear, and she gave us just a ridiculous amount of potatoes. We gave them to the pension, and we're still eating them with every meal.

-Spiritual Thought! "For behold, I have refined thee, I have chosen thee in the furnace of affliction"
1 Nephi 20:10. Heavenly Father allows us to have trying times, because he's refining us. He knows who He wants us to be, and if we just roll with the punches and do what we can He'll make sure we become that person.

-This weekend, I had 6 hours of meetings. I never want to be in 6 hours of meetings again. But, in these meetings, we set up home teaching and an activity and a bunch of other stuff! And attendance yesterday was double the attendance when I got here, so I guess it pays off!

Anyways, not a super exciting week. But a successful one! And this week I'm going to be in Puno for 2 days, and potentially I'll have stories there! Have a great week!

Elder Steele

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