Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Series 11 Episode 3, Halloween Edition 11.3.14

Area: Juliaca   Comp.: Elder Ayo

Hey Everyone!

-Despite what Elder Stradling told me, there is Halloween here! All the kids dressed up in costumes and we ate candy and s´mores. I went as a Gringo Missionary. I thought I was pretty convincing.

-Along with Halloween, Sunday was Peru´s Day of the Dead, which means that everyone in Peru went to the cemetery and got obscenely drunk, which makes it different from other days in that they were at the cemetery. Also at church, we only had 31 people for Sacrament, 20 for Sunday School, and 7 for Priesthood/Relief Society. We also couldn´t get any lessons yesterday, which was great.

-I finally tried chuño! I´ve mentioned it, but now that I´ve tried it I´ll actually describe how it´s made! What they do is they take the potatoes that they can´t use because they´re infested with worms, and they step on them until they get all the potato juice out, then they leave it to dry for a couple days. Then, when it´s dry, they stick it in the river for 2 weeks. Once that´s over, they stick it in a dark, damp place to grow mold. Once it´s black all the way through, it´s ready, but it´s like wine in that it ´only get´s better with time´, which I think is a strech to say.

-There was a Relief Society activity where they invited a ´health expert´ to tell them about how to eat healthy, who turned out to be an Adventist who told us all about how the Sabbath is Saturday and how it´s a commandment to not eat meat (D&C 49:18). I´m still not sure why we even went to a Relief Society activity.

-Murcielago is Italian for ´Bat´, which means the Lamborghini Murcielago is essentially the Batmobile!

Anyways, things are going great! One of our best investigators told us how he can talk to cats, I GOT MY PACKAGE!, and we´re trying to re-activate our Ward Mission Leader! Hope everything´s good at home!

Elder Steele

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