Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Edition I Don´t Have Anything To Edition This 10.27.14

Area: Juliaca   Comp.: Elder Ayo

Hey Everyone!

-Birthday! Now that it´s happened I can tell you about it! Elder Ayo and I found this awesome internet café that is really fast (for Perú), so during internet time I downloaded a bunch of Mormon Messages and Conference talks onto my USB and after lunch Elder Stradling and I just lay on our pension´s couches and watched them on her TV for like 3 hours, which was awesome! Then Elder Ayo and I went to this market nearby and bought some things, which I really needed, then we went to our District Meeting and our District Leader Elder Wagner and his comp Elder Bodily bought a cake! Then at our pension´s house, we had another cake for dinner (again)!

-Elder Ayo and I got locked out of our house twice this week, but we don´t have a roof so we just borrow a ladder from our neighbor and climb in from the top. The thing is, the ladder that our neighbor has he made himself out of big sticks and wire hangers, and I was sure Elder Ayo would die. I didn´t get on that thing at all.

-Transfers were this week! Elder Murillo went to Puno, and Elder Stradling is training a new Gringo so he went to Cusco practically all week to pick him up. Elder Ayo doesn´t like that he´s the only Latino now, but it´s ok because my Spanish is getting a lot better!

-I decided that for this transfer I want to get my Spanish down, so I´ve been speaking only in Spanish all week-even when other Gringos talk to me in English. It helps immensely though, and I´m currently at the point where I understand everything and I can say everything that I really need to. I´m still working on that, but it´s coming!

-Our pension wanted to take Elder Ayo and I to this REALLY fancy restaurant, but she didn´t want to take Elder Stradling (I guess) and she didn´t want her husband to know because it was expensive, so we had to do it secretly. It was fun though! And DELICIOUS!

-On Sunday the Elder´s Quorum President found out in Priesthood that no one knows who they are assigned to home teach, so he took a ward list, took out the staple, and gave each person a page. That's like 20 people. That's how many inactives are here!

-Spiritual thought! I´m going to take a break from Conference insights today, since I read a scripture this morning that I really liked--2 Ne 4:26-28. Be happy people!

Anyways, things are good here! Things still surprise me every day, and I see miracles every day! The Church is true!

Elder Steele

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