Monday, December 15, 2014

Month 12 Day 15 -- Nothing Really Happened This Week Edition 12.15.14

Area: Yunguyo   Comp.: Elder Vargas


Nothing really happened this week. We spent half the week in Puno and the other half in bed, so I'm sorry in advance that this email will be terrible.

-We went to Puno a lot! Mostly for doctors. We also had a Christmas Program with Presidente, which was really good! We sang songs, and exchanged gifts, and ate pizza!

-I taught about 3 lessons this week, one to a very old couple with a member granddaughter. We started off by offering service, and the granddaughter asked for a blessing for her grandmother. The blessing included things like "You've lived a life the Lord is proud of" and "We bless you with the ability to rest from your labors". We then sat down and taught the Plan of Salvation. I'm not sure if she's died yet, but I'd bet money on it being in the next couple weeks.

That's really everything. I've almost finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish for the first time, I've spent a ridiculous amount of money (Sorry Mom!), and I'm just waiting to be able to work again! Have a good week!

Elder Steele

Note about the pictures: Jackson doesn't send any explanation with his pictures so that leaves me to guess on locations and names of people based on name tags and past letters. Hopefully this will get better with time.

First Christmas in Peru.

Jackson with Elder Day. Christmas dinner/devotional with the mission president. (Puno)

Jackson, Elder Williams, Elder Hanson, Elder Yorgeson and Elder Day. All these guys came out
together and are all serving in the Puno zone. Christmas dinner/devotional 2014 (Puno)

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