Thursday, July 31, 2014

I am alive! 7.30.14


I made it! I got to the Lima MTC last night at like 2. The city looks really nice, all of the graffitti is really cool. The drivers here are amazing! They can do this thing where they drive inches away from each other and slam on their brakes constantly and turn without warning and just do whatever they want and I am still alive! The flight was a nightmare though. I was in the middle for both flights, and in the second they had a TV in front of me with free movies that were still in theaters!! AND I COULD NOT WATCH ANY OF THEM! But it is ok! These days last forever, but it is good! (Sorry I am not using conjunctions, I doubt this keyboard has an apostrophe).

My companion is named Elder Luster. He is from Utah! He is a pretty cool guy!

Anyways, I only have a minute! Lo siento! Pero I have an hour next Wednesday to write you! Oh also we can only take pictures on P day, and I also have not taken any... Sorry about that!

Thank you for that book, it is awesome!

Elder Steele

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